A Question Disability Resources

O.K. Your doctor has given you the news and you have gone through all stages of grief. There are many possible disabilities. You could have blindness, arthritis, asthma, blindness, or even deafness. This article isn’t about one specific condition. Let’s examine what we can do once our emotions have healed and we are able to live again. How can we use what we have left to make the most of it? The majority of people with disabilities have a good chance of living a productive and happy life if their attitude, abilities, resources, and attitudes are positive. If you are looking for quality disability support services anywhere and under any circumstances, you can find them on disability service providers Melbourne.

Disabled-vs-Handicapped: Attitude plays a huge role in our future. How can we look at our own situation? I wasn’t happy when they changed their terminology from handicapping to disability. Words have meanings! Handicap can be used to indicate that you’re at disadvantage. Disability means that you can’t participate in the game. What do you want? Stop defining disability as something you are. There were people I knew who had good jobs and happy families but who were blind, deaf and suffered from Cerebral Paralysis and Amputation. Even though they were qualified, they refused the support of others. I also knew someone with great creativity and intelligence. He was able to use a criminal record and a disagreement with a fellow co-worker in order to receive full disability assistance. It is essential to view yourself not only as disabled, but also as someone with a handicap. This will allow you to live a happy productive life. Although there are many severe mental and bodily disabilities that must be supported by others, this sentence shows that you don’t have anything so focus on what your strengths and what you can do to overcome them.

Ability-vs-Impairment: To focus on your ability, you need to dump all the labels that classify you by your impairment. When my left hand was paralysed, I decided to use my right arm. My writing was slow, sloppy and slow at first. But I soon focused on my right-hand ability and not the disability in my left. Your blindness is not the issue. Focus on your hearing and senses. You have many talents and skills left. Now you need to look at them and figure out how you can capitalize on them. Because of my past abuse, failures, addictions, mistakes, loss, and chronic illness, I am particularly sensitive and helpful to those going through similar experiences. In a sense, my disabilities have become my talents. Spend some time taking stock of what you have instead of what you are losing. Your resources are probably much greater than you realize.