Travel Vaccination Tips

Due to the growth of budget carriers, the number people who travel has increased dramatically in the past five years TravelAccessorie. Many people who couldn’t afford to fly to distant destinations due to the high cost of full carrier airlines are now able do so at a much lower price. Air Asia, an airline that was established in Malaysia years ago, has the tagline “Now Anyone Can Fly.” These past few decades have seen a greater increase in air travel in Asia than in Europe, the US or Asia.

This rise in travelers has its own problems. Travelers are increasingly traveling to countries that have endemic disease. While malaria is not an epidemic in the US and Europe, it is common in Africa and certain Asian countries. Travelers from the US would not be protected against the disease if they were infected by the agent.

Travelers are the greatest transmitters for infectious diseases. Air travel makes it easier and more frequent to transmit these diseases. It’s as if the infectious agents have been unleashed onto the world by air travel. It took only 5 days for SARS to spread from Hong Kong and Canada.